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Tamper Evident Honeycomb Hologram Security Sticker

Tamper Evident Honeycomb Hologram Security Sticker

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Tamper Evident Honeycomb Hologram Security Sticker

We specialize in —

1- 3D hologram sticker :

true color three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting holographic label. Holographic images are in rainbow and perspective with different viewing angles. You can even have a totally different image seen from a different perspective. The stereoscopic effect is very significant.

2- Hologram tamper evident sticker : 

the sticker can be scratched off, it will reveal some texts or codes underneath, the content can be specified.

3- One-off laser anti-counterfeiting sticker :

the sticker can not be re-used, it will be damaged when it is torn off.

4- Permanent laser anti-counterfeiting sticker :

the sticker could be reusable, the image will not be damaged when sticker tore off.

5- Fragile laser security sticker :

this type of holograms is impossible to be removed undamaged. We can make hologram embossing on the surface of the labels and white paper can be used on the back side instead.  You see, nowadays, the conventional surface of this label is silver hologram and the back side is silver hologram as well)  Our special method in making fragile sticker can be conducive to the clean and tidy of the products and can not be counterfeited as well.

— All of the hologram labels can be printed with running numbers so as to facilitate the management and product tracking.
— The encryption technology can be inserted into the labels. The security content and pattern can not be seen on the surface, can only be checked by test chip.  ( We can insert the client’s exclusive handwritten text as the content into the labels as well. )

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